Miranda Darrow

Miranda Darrow grew up in rural Wisconsin and lives in an outer ring Twin Cities suburb. Directionally challenged, she needs a compelling reason like Wordplay to venture into Minneapolis in the decade since she last worked in downtown. Miranda is an active member of Midwest Fiction Writers chapter of the Romance Writers of America and the MinnSpec ESP (Minnesota Speculative Fiction / East Saint Paul) critique group. She founded a romance-genre critique group, so find her on social media if you’re interested in joining the Romance Craft and Critique Circle which meets monthly in the south metro. Her writing credits include the short story “Mary Bennet Admires the Mute Swans” which took first place in the short story division of the Saveas Writers’ 2017 International Writing Competition Jane Austen contest Love & Friendship. She also was a finalist in the Women’s Fiction Writers Association 2018 Rising Star contest for her manuscript “What Comes After Four” and a mittful of other contests. She’s currently querying for representation and writes romance and women’s fiction while not working at her day job as an attorney.