The Art of Autobiography

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June 21, 2021-August 16, 2021
1 p.m.-3 p.m.
13 to 17
Online—Live Meeting
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8 Week
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Too often, young authors erase themselves from the narratives they write in an attempt to fit their writing into what they think a story should be. In this class we will explore writing from life, how to center our personal experiences in our writing, and what it means to blur the distinctions between fiction, nonfiction, and autobiography. Together we will tackle the difficulty of reclaiming our own narratives.

Guided by the essays in Alexander Chee's book How to Write an Autobiographical Novel, we'll cover writing craft such as plot, structure, and form, write our own fiction and nonfiction pieces, and workshop our writing with our peers. Classes will be evenly split between reading and discussing other authors' work and writing your own stories.

For the first day, you should come to class with a short artist's statement (max 750 words) that speaks to your interests as a writer. We'll be sharing these with each other and using them as a foundation for the reading and writing we'll be doing. We will be writing both nonfiction and fiction in this class. Every other class session we will be turning in a story (500-1500 words) and providing feedback for each other's pieces. Class readings will be provided by the teaching artist.

This class is an eight session class. Students will meet on Mondays, from June 21st - August 16th. There is no class meeting on July 26th.

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