The Art of Finding Poetry

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February 10, 2021-April 7, 2021
Open to All Levels
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8 Week
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In her essay “The Art of Finding,” Linda Gregg states that the best poetry is “found rather than written.” This “finding” results from poets' ability to receive the world around us, to discover the mystery and luminosity inherent in our lives. A poem's clothing—its form, style, craft—is integral but should always allow the poem’s mystery and discovery, it’s “lifeblood,” to shine through. In this class, we will practice the art of finding by engaging with weekly prompts or “experiments.”

These experiments will invite us to generate new poems by intensifying our attention to our everyday surroundings and by connecting with our own unique source material, the personal touchstones that fuel our work. The goal of this class is to provide students with new doorways to inspiration, as well as to hone writing craft.

Together, participants will engage with poetry by Emily Dickinson, Marilyn Chin, Frederico Garcia Lorca, Patricia Smith, and many others and receive light and lively feedback on their poems from the teaching artist and their peers. Poets of all levels are invited to join this class as a means to generate new poems and deepen their relationship with poetry and the world around them.

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