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Everything You Want to Know About Submitting Your Work But Don't Know to Ask

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So you've decided to submit your writing to a literary journal. Now come the questions: What do I say in a cover letter? How do I know which journals are a good fit for my work? Why should I pay a submission fee? Are print journals better than online ones?

This class is designed for writers of any genre, at any level, to help answer common questions about submitting your work. No matter whether you write fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, the same general approach applies. We'll talk through the submission process and you'll hear about the world of literary publishing from a teaching artist who's been on both sides of the writer/editor divide.

You'll get the chance to draft a cover letter, and we'll review helpful do's and don'ts, plus look at ways to track and manage your submissions. Best of all, there'll be lots of time for questions! By the end of the class, you'll know how to identify journals that are a good fit for your work and be on your way to creating a personalized submission strategy.

Note: This class is designed to cover submissions of stories, essays, or sets of poems, not book-length manuscripts.