Fanfiction Workshop—Original Characters

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July 13, 2020-July 17, 2020
9 a.m.-Noon
Creative Nonfiction
13 to 17
Online—Live Meeting
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Youth Graphic Marker

Join other writers in this group workshop centering around your favorite writing-for-fun: Fanfiction! We'll talk about what fanfiction is and why it's so popular, explores the types of fanfiction that are out there, and discuss the logistics of making fanfic writing into a career. We'll also dive deeper to more specific topics such as tropes, stereotypes and archetypes, "Mary Sues," and character building for table-top and RP gaming.

This workshop's theme will be ORIGINAL CHARACTERS (a.k.a. OCs). What makes a good original character? How do you fit an OC into the existing world of your favorite book or television series? What tips and tricks can you use to build your OC to make them interesting—and how many of those techniques can be used when writing an original story from scratch?

At the end of the class, students will use independent writing time to build an original character using what we learned, followed by a chance to share with the group. Students are encouraged to bring their own writing tools (notebook, laptop) for this exercise; lined paper and pencils will also be provided.

Whether you're just learning about fanfiction or you're a seasoned writer on AO3, join us to discuss your favorite AUs and share with other fic writers!