Finding Your Poem’s North Star

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Wordplay Class

Sometimes, as poets, we begin a poem with wonderful intentions to share our ideas, our thoughts, our feelings, only to find our intention has led us into a poem that is too cloudy for our reader to navigate. Often, this is because the poem is stuck in the abstract and hasn’t yet traveled as far as it can toward the surprising and specific image.

In this class, we’ll explore the art and craft of image-making, and we’ll learn how developing a friendly relationship to image can help bring both clarity and depth to our writing (not to mention our everyday lives). In discussing work through the lens of its imagery, we can cut through the cloudiness of abstraction so that our poems can find their way to their true final destination.

Please submit five pages of poetry by May 15 (you will receive further instructions on how to do this). Along with giving feedback on all five poems, choose one poem from each poet to discuss in our workshop. In giving each other feedback, we’ll take each poem on its own terms, offering each writer specific, useful notes on where the poem sings with clarity, and where the poem might be headed. Our conversation will be generous, specific, and will center on where the writing can gain better ground by way of specific and surprising imagery.

Because it’s always better to show than tell, this workshop might offer opportunities to practice working with image by way of spontaneous writing exercises and/or other useful excursions.

Technology for this class

This is a three-hour live virtual workshop, but is preceded by a week of sharing your work in Wet.Ink. Please make time to read and respond the other material in the class before the live meeting.

One week before the class you will receive an invitation (via email) to join the Wet.Ink class website; this site will allow you to post your work and leave feedback for other students. You can find out more about at

You will receive the Zoom info as soon as you sign up, as well as a reminder email at least 24 hours before the live meeting.