First Vision, Then Revision

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Deep revision happens on the structural level of a poem, rather than on a line-by-line basis. So, how do we revise a poem on the structural level? In this class we’ll practice several revisionary exercises to strengthen and clarify the emotional scope of our poems. We’ll play with prescribed forms, collage, and point-of-view to create multiple drafts of one poem. Through these approaches, we’ll learn how restriction, re-mixing, and uncommon points of view can help our poems become the best they can be. We’ll look at contemporary literary journals that focus on the craft of revision, such as Underbelly Magazine and Poetry Magazine, where poets such as Ada Límon, Ross Gay, and Natasha Trethewey discuss their revisionary process and techniques.

Through a mix of class discussions, presentations, group writing activities, and in-class revision exercises, we’ll develop a revisionary practice with a larger scope than line editing. We'll study and discuss how three contemporary poets approach revision, and through this discussion we'll develop a model with which to clarify and define our own revisionary process.By the end of class, each student will have three second drafts of one poem; we’ll become our own best workshoppers, and develop a critical, editorial eye for our own poetry. Students should come to class with a first draft of one poem. Class will take place in a live meeting online, via Zoom, including ample time for “in-class” writing exercises; please ensure you have a spacious and clear surface to work on the exercises.

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