June 19, 2019–August 14, 2019
6 p.m.–8 p.m.
Genre Fiction Fundamentals: Start With a Bang!

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Open Book-Loft Classroom
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8 Week
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Whether delivering love, laughter, magic, or mayhem, all genre novels are constructed using the same fundamental craft components. In this class, we'll explore character, plot, structure, conflict, dialogue, world-building, pace, and point of view through the lens of genre fiction, as well as each sub-genre's unique contract with the reader.

Strong beginnings are absolutely essential—agents and editors typically know after reading three to five pages whether they're interested enough to continue on—so in this class, we will focus on crafting a compelling beginning by applying each week's learnings to students' opening scene(s) via in-class writing exercises.

At the end of the eight-week class, students should have a stronger, more resonant opening chapter—one that solidly hooks the reader—and be in a position to apply the same learnings to the rest of their book. In addition to craft topics, the teaching artist will share practical information about the writing process and the publishing industry, including the pros and cons of traditional and indie publishing, working with agents and editors, key contract provisions, and—drum roll please!—money.

Bring the first chapter of your work-in-progress to class. (An early/rough draft is fine! No one will see it but you.) Students will apply each session's learnings to their own work via in-class writing exercises. Students will have opportunities to share short samples of their work with the class, but such sharing is not required. Each class session will be comprised of approximately 50% lecture/presentation, 25% class discussion, and 25% in-class writing exercises.

This class is NOT recommended for students who haven't yet started writing a genre fiction novel. Students without a work-in-progress will find the practical application portion of the class quite challenging.