1 p.m.–4 p.m.
Introduction to Poetry Slam and Spoken Word

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Children's and Young Adult Literature
13 to 17
Open Book-Loft Classroom
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Spoken word is an especially powerful tool to empower youth to articulate their feelings and experiences in a way that is clear, concise, effective, and artistic. Poetry slam is a unique game that allows students to share their spoken word pieces, fostering healthy competition, communal encouragement, as well as creativity. In this class, we will explore what makes an impactful performance poem, where to find inspiration for what to write about, poetry slam rules and strategy, giving meaningful feedback, getting involved in your local slam scene, and using your work to develop an online platform.

What is it that makes spoken word poetry so compelling to watch and listen to? Among a wide variety of reasons, spoken word is particularly recognized for being able to elicit social change through the lens of personal experience. In this class, we will dissect popular spoken word poems, practice writing prompts and in-class writing, share some of our work and give/receive feedback, as well as compete in a "mock" poetry slam of our own at the end of the week. This class will rely heavily on active student participation, critical thinking, and intensive writing.