From Journal to Publication: Using Your Daily Writing

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July 13, 2020-July 17, 2020
1 p.m.-4 p.m.
Creative Nonfiction
12 to 14
Online—Live Meeting
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Youth Graphic Marker

So many professional writers utilize daily writing notebooks, which vary in form: there’s the diary, the writing notebook, the artist’s notebook, the daily pages, the research journal, and so many others. We will explore different ways of maintaining regular journals to aid in creative expression and how these seeds you plant can be developed into submittable, publishable pieces.

As a class, we will explore the different ways published writers have used this practice to help develop their own writing voices and push ideas. Journals can be used to push through the curse of the blank page and help undo writer’s block.

Class time will be spent exploring various writing exercises, exploratory techniques, and brave, adventurous work. Students will workshop some of the resulting pieces, learn how to be a better reader for their own work and the work of others, and learn publication techniques, such as finding literary journals, writing a cover letter, and submission processes. We will look at sample writer’s journals and study the drafts of poems, stories, and essays that wound up getting published.