1 p.m.–3 p.m.
Just Do You: The Authenticity Factor in Spoken Word Poetry

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13 to 17
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“Just do you.” “Keepin’ it real.”  “Straight talk.”  “Speak your truth.” No matter how it’s expressed, spoken word poetry is an art form that claims to value authenticity above all other criteria. For many people who are encouraged to “find their voice,” spoken word poetry is often held up as a vehicle of reflecting what’s “real” or “honest” or “true.” But what exactly is the Authenticity Factor in spoken word poetry? What makes one poet’s truth more “true” than another’s? And can poetry, as an expressive construct, ever really be “authentic”? 

In this interactive class, participants will consider these questions as well as explore the Authenticity Factor in both writing and performing spoken word poetry. Topics around authenticity may include individual identity, personal experience, and social justice. We will also be considering the representation of emotion and language through performance and how these project authenticity. For example, does expressing anger in poetry really make it more “authentic”? Anger is a complex and multilayered emotion, and participants will be expected to explore such issues as content, gesture, profanity, yelling, and silence. No experience necessary—just a willingness to write, explore, and share.

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