Loft After School: Writing the Fantasy World

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October 21, 2021-November 11, 2021
4:30 p.m.-6 p.m.
12 to 14
Online—Live Meeting
Number of Sessions
Day of the Week
4 Week
Class Youth After School

In this class, we'll learn how important geography is to our stories by building workable fantasy worlds for our characters to live in. We'll start with drawing out maps of the place we'd like our characters to inhabit, with special attention given to geographical features such as waterways, mountains, and even nearby planetary bodies that can be incorporated into our stories. We'll talk about the common-sense rules of writing place-based fiction (ranging from the basic laws of science to the physical limitations of characters) and how to step outside those rules to make our stories even more interesting. We'll discuss contemporary authors students have read or are reading on their own and discuss what makes those stories work and how we can apply the lessons we've learned through critical reading to our own writing.

Instructions for Accessing This Online Class

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