The Loft Presents If: Writing the Great Big What If?

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9 a.m.-Noon
Children's and Young Adult Literature
12 to 14
Open Book-Loft Classroom
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Youth Graphic Marker

Do you fill notebooks with story after story? Do you like to imagine what it would be like to live in another world? In another time? As another kind of being? Discover how writers manage to capture the world in their head and place these ideas upon the page. Learn how to pick out what's needed to pull stories together and make a story stronger, from the first line to the last.

We'll explore a bunch of writing prompts, so you get to write and share some of what you've written in class. We will also talk about how to get past the parts where you're getting stuck. Whether you're writing fantasy or historical fiction, science fiction or realistic fiction, discover what you need to include and what you need to leave out of your stories. Do the kind of writing you *want* to do, not the kind you *have* to do. Find out tips and techniques needed to make readers eager to turn the page. In this session we will explore ways to build on ideas, not limit them. We will start by asking about the Great Big WHAT IF in YOUR story!