February 6, 2019–March 27, 2019
Mastering Metaphor

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6 Week
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Metaphor is the heart of creative writing. It allows us to perceive objects, relationships, and ideas freshly; feel transported through time; and see through the eyes of someone of another generation, gender, culture, or even species! It has the power to transform our vision whenever we read and write.

This class—for those who write poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction, or who simply wish to deepen their experience of reading it—looks at the ways writers create meaning through metaphor, and how metaphor adds layers of resonance to literary works.

In Unit 1, students engage with a variety of metaphors and start a "metaphor collection." Subsequent units look at specific types of metaphor and at how various other comparisons and compressions work in metaphor-like ways. In assignments, students create different types of metaphor in exercises that are themselves structured as metaphor ("Take Your Journal Out for Coffee!") and choose between prose and poetry options.

The class is geared toward practice with metaphor in various writing contexts rather than producing individual polished pieces. However, participants can opt to have a private critique with the instructor at the end of the course to hone an individual piece of their choosing.

The class will take a break from Feb. 27 through Mar. 6.