Once Upon a Flash

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January 20, 2021-March 10, 2021
Online—Flex Schedule
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6 Week
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In uncertainty, we cling to that which feels familiar and returns us to the simplicity of childhood—hot cocoa, fuzzy blankets, fairy tales. After all, the world is still full of wolves, of wicked stepmothers, of spindles that prick and apples that poison. In this class, we’ll take a look at timeless fairy tale tropes (dark woods, impossible tasks, shapeshifting, etc.) and subvert them for our own small tales: flash, short-shorts, postcard, prose poems, fictional and non. No matter what you call it, we’ll review the basics of short forms (characterization, imagery, conflict) and worry word count as we make our own new tales.

We’ll read small works from Angela Carter, Anna Cabe, Peter Markus, and Claudia Rankine, among others, and challenge ourselves to look at language anew through writing exercises. At the end of the class, each student will have at least one shiny, new piece (under 1,000 words) to share for feedback.

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