Poetry: Writing the Unspectacular

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Often we write with the belief that there is our “art” and then there is our “life”—that the actual mechanics of how we get from day to day (how we support ourselves financially, for example) have no place in our writing. In this generative poetry workshop, we’ll dismantle this idea. Through exercises, prompts, and readings, we'll generate new writing that centers the unspectacular—an invitation to “write dailiness" if you will, a chance to consider subjects like money, debt, and work to be profound enough for the poem.

We’ll read texts by poets and writers who use the “job” or the “day” as a framework for their thinking in a myriad of ways, as well as works that write explicitly on the subjects of money or debt. Some of the poets and writers we’ll read will include Bernadette Mayer, Renee Gladman, Sei Shōnagon, Diane Di Prima, Hao Nguyen, Carmen Giménez Smith, June Jordan, Ryan Eckes, Anne Boyer, Stacy Szymaszek, Catherine Wagner, and Mark Nowak, and we might even peek at Hesiod’s Ancient Greek farmer’s almanac Works and Days. The class will include both in-class writing and discussion, with an option to share work aloud, and is open to all skill levels, the beginner’s mind welcome.

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