Research and Revision in YA Novels: A Class for Writers of Color and Indigenous Writers

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6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
Children's and Young Adult Literature
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Research and revision are two aspects of writing YA novels that are not often discussed, but very necessary to producing a solid draft. How does one go about conducting the research necessary to bring your characters and the issues they face to life on the page? How do you ensure you get the most out of the process revision? This class will delve into both of these essential questions.

This class is part of a series of classes that cover the issues and traditions of writers of color and indigenous writers and is intended for writers of color and indigenous writers to work on their craft in a space that centers them and their work. We ask all participants to be cognizant of that core value. Minnesota human rights laws prevent the exclusion of anyone based on their identity. But if you are not a writer of color or Indigenous writer, please be mindful of the space and energy you take up in a class intended to uplift traditionally marginalized and silenced communities. Anyone being disruptive may be asked to leave.

The class is offered on a pay what you can basis with the suggested fee of $15 ($13.50 for Loft members). Students may select the "pay what you can" option and enter any amount, including $0. No student will be turned away for not paying.

This class will take place over Zoom. Meeting information and directions will be sent after registration.