Settings That Shine

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June 17, 2020-July 29, 2020
Open to All Levels
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6 Week
Fiction Graphic

All fiction transports the reader to another place and, often, another time. A family saga in 1960s Detroit. A teahouse in Prague yesterday. A thriller in Lagos next year. A fantasy world. A space station. A Tudor palace. A farmhouse. They all require a sharp eye and a deft hand on the part of the writer.

This six-week course will help advanced writers deepen their settings and hone their technique while introducing beginning writers to the tools to create immersive worlds. The course begins with a discussion of how to choose and develop a setting and move on to techniques and tips for research. It will delve into the prose craft of exposition, description, and detail. It will explore ways to use imagination and empathy to write about places and people with respect. It will discuss voice, theme, and character and how they intersect with setting. Through weekly lectures (in text or video format), optional live chats, forum discussions, and exercises, participants will come away with confidence and a wider set of tools. There are no required readings, but the instructor will provide an optional list of recommended works. Live chats will be scheduled, times TBA.