So You’ve Got Experience You Want to Write About?

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June 17, 2020-July 15, 2020
Open to All Levels
Online—Flex Schedule
Number of Sessions
Day of the Week
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4 Week
Multigenre Graphic

Every time you try to write, do your memories come flooding out? Are your characters all you? Do you want to write about your personal experiences? Whatever your genre, if you want to write from your experiences, this class is for you.

Our goal will be to talk about practical challenges you face when integrating personal experience into your writing and look at some craft challenges. Not every memory makes for a great story. Each week we will read short selections of writers that have either talked about writing from personal experience or done so. We’ll have writing prompts to explore our memories and spend time naming our obstacles and brainstorming solutions. We will do peer workshop, and you can get feedback from the instructor in addition to weekly chats. By the time this class finishes, you will have a collection of writing prompts that speak to the power of personal experience that you can use over and over to generate content. You’ll also understand challenges in using memory to inform your writing and have some practical skills to use when working in the land of memory. Come, join us. Let’s transform memory and experience into art. Live chats will be scheduled with students.