The Story You Have to Tell

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June 17, 2020-August 19, 2020
Creative Nonfiction
Open to All Levels
Online—Flex Schedule
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8 Week
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We all have a story we have to tell. We might not know its length or its shape, but deep down, we know its heart. This class will teach you how to pull that story out and start to shape it. If you've already begun, the class will help you polish it. We'll discuss the essential elements of storytelling as they relate to nonfiction: how to bring real people to life on the page; how to craft effective dialogue and a strong narrative arc; how to heighten tension and release it; how to create engaging scenes; how to move forward, flash back, or collapse time; and so on.

We will read a series of short personal essays and some memoir excerpts to get a better idea of how master nonfiction writers handle such moves. You'll have a little reading most weeks, and we'll engage in a series of emulations to jumpstart and generate your own work. You'll leave the class with solid starts to either four long essays or six brief ones. Live chats will be scheduled on Sundays, exact time TBA.