Subtext and Subversion

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Subtext can be used to subvert oppressive tropes—it can also be used to reinforce them. So when should a writer use subtext? And how do we make sure it's a force for good? There are no easy answers, but there are some good tools and strategies for thinking through these issues.

Through in-depth discussion of sample texts (likely to include work by Anna Cabe, Carmen Maria Machado, J.M. Martinez, and Yukiko Motoya) and concrete writing exercises, we'll look at the ways subtext can subvert. We'll also talk about what to avoid: the dangers of relying only on subtext, how it is necessarily exclusive, and how it can say things you don't mean for it to!​ Writers will emerge with a better understanding of how subtext works, how it can be powerful, and how it can be oppressive. They'll also emerge with new tools for subverting oppressive tropes and some brand new writing.​

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