Tarot Tells the Story

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This class is for adventurous writers looking for a writing tool that can enhance your creativity, overcome writer’s block, generate stories, and further your writing goals. Writers of narrative fiction or nonfiction, poetry, plays, and screenplays will all benefit from the content of this class; you do not need to be an experienced Tarot card reader. All you need is a Tarot deck, an open mind, and a belief in that magical, inner spark that drives us to the mysterious act of writing.

You’ll learn three actionable techniques for using Tarot cards to start building your personal dictionary of symbols, talismans, and signs; delve deeper into the “whys” behind your writing practice; and unlock your personal source of inspiration—one that you can return to again and again. You’ll leave this class with three classic Tarot card spreads and step-by-step guidance on how you can read them to develop character, plot, and structure.

This class includes timed writing exercises and limited opportunities to share your writing for feedback and further discussion. You may come with a work in progress you’d like to develop or start a new one during class. There will be a Q&A session where you can have some of your questions answered about writing and the Tarot. There is no required reading for this class, but you must obtain and bring a standard pack of Tarot cards. We are all made of stories, and the Tarot is a key that can help you unlock them!

In order to fully participate in this class, please obtain your own tarot deck before class meets and bring it to class; it should be a "fully illustrated, standard tarot deck—please avoid "Marseilles" style decks with non-pictorial "pip" cards (unless you're an experienced reader).

Instructions for Accessing This Online Class

In order to access live class meetings, you must have the Zoom application downloaded to your computer. You will also need a WiFi/Internet connection throughout the duration of your scheduled meeting and a computer with audio and video capability. The information to join your Zoom classroom will be provided in your confirmation email upon registration. Please check spam folders if you do not see this email upon registration. For more information on how to use Zoom, please see our training manual here.