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Think Like an Editor

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Has an editor or beta reader ever made a suggestion for your writing that completely changed your perspective? Do you envy the eagle-eyed people who can spot errors you miss in your own manuscript? While it's impossible to review your own work objectively the way an outside reader can, putting yourself in the mindset of an editor can make your writing stronger and more polished before it ever sees the light of day—whether you're taking it to a writing group, submitting it for publication, or self-publishing.

In this class, a professional editor will share some of the common issues she sees in work she edits, long and short, and how you can address them in your own self-revision process. This class is intended for both fiction and nonfiction writers. It will focus most heavily on things that don't necessarily have an objective right or wrong but can hamper your writing, such as sentence and paragraph construction, the problem with 'very,' and pitfalls of framing dialogue in fiction.

We will also go through some commonly made (and often misunderstood) grammar errors but will not dive deeply into nitty-gritty copyediting, and we will also not cover plotting or outlining.