Upside Down: Writing the Familiar Into Strange

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November 7, 2020-November 14, 2020
1 p.m.-2:30 p.m.
13 to 17
Online—Live Meeting
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Youth Graphic Marker

Are books and stories your dearest friends in dark times? Are daydreams the refuge you come home to? Could words be the escape you’re craving from the world?

This is a generative writing class about unearthing strange stories inside familiar rooms. We’re accustomed to searching for ideas in the outside world—sketching from nature or capturing family drama or scribbling down overheard conversations. In this class, we turn inward. We’ll build a ship from the everyday scraps around us and journey together into the deeps of your imagination. We’ll incorporate magic, fantasy, and horror into our writing to turn the banal into the babadook. Using discussions, readings, prompts, and games, we’ll spot the spooky stories hiding within everyday books, songs and memories. Shake off those quarantine doldrums because all your weirdest ideas are about to rear up and come to life.

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