June 18, 2019–August 13, 2019
6 p.m.–8 p.m.
Writing in the Body: An Exploration of Yoga and Writing

Regular $280.00
Low Income $196.00
Member $252.00
Open Book-Loft Classroom
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8 Week
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Our physical writing process and habits can take a toll on our bodies—sitting still for long hours, staring at screens, or forgetting to eat when we're in a groove. Writing is often portrayed as a purely intellectual exercise, but our brains and expressive capacities can only emerge and exist though the body.

Whether we sit or stand at our desks, dictate, handwrite, or type, our bodies are part of our writing experience. We also write from and about embodied experience, interactions, and material histories. If we are not in tune with our own bodies, it may be difficult to create sensory descriptions for our readers. Certain topics can cause us unease as we write. Whether we're recounting traumatic events in a memoir, or getting a character out of a life-threatening situation, the body is present, and needs our attention.

This class will introduce writers to yoga techniques as a means to facilitate shifts between writing tasks, ideas and challenges. Through a mix of movements, readings, writing and peer feedback exercises, participants will reflect on their writing routines, experiment with yoga self-care strategies, revise a work in progress or start a new piece in a supportive space of exploration.

Students should bring their own yoga mat, block, strap, small blanket or beach towel. Students should also bring what they write with-journal, laptop, etc. Online readings and photocopies provided by the teaching artist. Copy fee $5.

Class will meet 7/2. No class meeting 7/16. Readings: excerpts from Narrative Medicine, The Body Keeps the Score, Light on Yoga, The Yamas & Niyamas.