September 18, 2019–October 23, 2019
6 p.m.–8 p.m.
Writing as Healing

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Hopkins Center for the Arts
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6 Week
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Give sorrow words?
~William Shakespeare

We will explore how writing can help heal our relationship to our own stories. Together, we will investigate how different aspects of craft, from specific detail to focused narrative, not only make good literature, but can help writers gain new perspectives on old stories and find a path to healing. Writing exercises are adapted from Louise DeSalvo's Writing as a Way of Healing, Writing Works: A Resource for Therapeutic Writing Workshops, and How Dare We Write!: A Multicultural Creative Writing Discourse edited by Sherry Quan Lee. The focus will be on generating new writing. Though we won't be critiquing work together, we will discuss and practice editing tools to help you uncover a fuller understanding of your personal histories.

We will also discuss how writers, including Isabel Allende, Scott Fitzgerald, Audre Lorde, Virginia Woolf, and many others, have been transformed by the writing process.

This class is intended for writers ready to guide themselves along the path of self-healing. The teaching artist is not a trained mental health professional and though this class is meant to be therapeutic, it is not a substitute for therapy. Trauma survivors are encouraged to seek professional support.

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