Manuscript Critique
Cristina Pippa—Short or Feature-length Screenplays and Plays or Treatment Coverage

Video Introduction

Hear from Cristina first-hand about working with her.

Open to: Short or Feature-length Screenplays and Plays

Limit: Please check on projects more than 125 pages

What You’ll Submit: Your script of a play or screenplay up to 125 pages; your treatment or plot synopsis for a screenplay or stage play up to 10 pages.  

What You’ll Get: Cristina approaches each script as a blueprint for a play or movie that the writer will one day see fully realized on stage or screen. She aims to honor the writer’s vision while examining structure, narrative arc, dialogue, originality, and the overall experience of the script. Her suggestions for areas that can be developed, enhanced or clarified will help the writer to see the work anew and to begin the process of revision.

If you submit your script to Cristina for review, you are invited to follow up with questions in the format of an email or a 15-minute phone consultation.

As you probably already know, when a writer submits a script to a contest, literary manager or production company, it nearly always undergoes “coverage.” Someone assigns it a one-sentence logline, summarizes the plot, describes the characters, and critiques the script. The writer doesn’t often get to see these notes or have the opportunity to rewrite, so it’s well advised to get coverage before sending out the script. Having written and received coverage for ten years, Cristina looks forward to offering this service to writers through the Loft.

Pricing: Loft screenplay critique consists of a flat base price, plus a per page fee. You can enter your page count below and the system will calculate your price. 

  • $50 (base price) + $3.5/page

Cristina will also work with you to review and improve your 10 page screenplay treatment: $210


  • Screenplay of Stage Play Coverage (Up to 125 pages): 3 weeks
  • Short Screenplay of Stage Play Coverage (Up to 50 pages): 2 weeks
  • Treatment Coverage (Up to 10 pages): 3 weeks