Manuscript Critique
Keno Evol Prose Critique

Open to: Prose

Limit: Please check on projects more than 80 pages

What You’ll Submit: Essays, creative nonfiction, or fiction.

What You’ll Get: For prose, you will receive a one page letter on voice. My background in theater intersects with language by prioritizing voice and the unique personality of the writer. You will receive feedback on tone, tension, and technique. My background in freelance education has shown me the importance of dialog and fellowship. In addition to the critical feedback, pushback, and observations, you will also receive a one-on-one meeting in-person or over the phone to further discuss arc, voice, and message.

Pricing: Loft manuscript critique consists of a flat base price, plus a per word or page fee. You can enter your word count below and the system will calculate your price. 

  • $250 (base price) + 1.5 cents/word