Manuscript Critique
Kurtis Scaletta—Early Chapter Books, Middle Grade and Young Adult Novels

Please email before signing up to describe your manuscript, your goals, and your timeline.

Open to: Early Chapter Books (ages 7–10; usually about 10,000 words), Middle Grade Novels (ages 8–12, usually 40,000-50,000 words), Young Adult (ages 13 and up, 50,000 words and up).

Word Limit: Please check on projects more than 40,000 words for timeline and availability.

Interests: Character-driven fiction in realistic settings (even if there's a dragon or spaceship or two), humor, everyday problems and challenges, stories about weird kids and/or animals, quirky families, and unusual friendships. 

What You’ll Submit:

  • A full or partial manuscript.
  • You are also encouraged to send a one page description/vision for your chapter book series (optional).
  • You are also encouraged to send a one page synopsis for your middle grade or YA novel (optional).

What You’ll Get: A letter commenting on the manuscripts strength and areas for development, with special emphasis on character development and plot progression. Kurtis will also address concerns related to theme, content, or formatting, and then identify some possible next steps for your project. He often assesses the manuscript's position in the current market. Kurtis will also be available to answer questions by phone or email. 

For all manuscripts, Kurtis provides a broad critique similar to a response you'd get from an agent or editor. For more detailed/line-by-line edits consider another editor such as Esther Porter.

Pricing: Loft manuscript critique consists of a flat base price, plus a per word fee. You can enter your word count below and the system will calculate your price. 

  • $100 (base price) + 1.25 cents/word

Turnaround: Two weeks (chapter books); Four weeks (novels)