Manuscript Critique
Lyda Morehouse—Book-length science fiction/fantasy novels

Open to: Book-length science fiction/fantasy novels.

Word Limit: Please check on projects more than 100,000 words

What You’ll Submit: A completed manuscript with a brief synopsis.

What You’ll Get: Lyda sees her role as mentor and coach, and believes that writing is a craft that can be achieved through hard work and diligence. For a completed manuscript, you will receive detailed comments on the manuscript itself, with an eye towards plot consistency, characterization, atmosphere, world-building/systems of magic, theme, dialogue, and narrative voice/tone. In addition, you can expect a 5–7 page editorial letter summarizing your strengths, as well as outlining areas in need of improvement/general revision suggestions and and one phone call or brief meeting to discuss questions or concerns.

Pricing: Loft manuscript critique consists of a flat base price, plus a per word fee. You can enter your word count below and the system will calculate your price. 

  • $250 (base price) + 1.75 cents/word


  • Prose Up to 100,000 words: 6 weeks