Manuscript Critique
Susan Power—Long and Short Prose

Open to: Fiction or memoir, either full-length book manuscripts (up to 100,000 words), or stories/essays.

Word Limit: 100,000

What you'll submit: Your short story/essay (short prose) or your full manuscript (up to 100,000 words).

What you'll get: For short pieces (essays, stories), you will receive a manuscript review letter of 2-3 pages, covering the strengths of the piece, as well as suggestions for revision. For longer manuscripts, you will receive a review letter of 6-8 pages. Either service will include a phone consult regarding the work.

Pricing: $150 base price plus 2 cents a word for short work; $300 base price plus 2 cents a word for full manuscripts.

Turnaround: up to 2 weeks for short work; up to 6 weeks for manuscripts