8 p.m.–9:30 p.m.
Equilibrium: May Lee Yang with Mailodic

The Loft at Open Book (Performance Hall)
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EQ Audience

Spoken Word Immersion Fellow May Lee Yang's The Dead Hmong Woman Project, will include facilitating conversations/workshops with various Hmong communities in MN and Wisconsin. The goal is to discuss domestic violence within my community, lead workshops to help people create poems around DV, then turn 6 poems into video poems that will be shared online and used as a DV awareness campaign.

As a first generation Hmong-American, Mailodic was raised in the Twin Cities and spent her youth embedded in the Spoken Word community. She was an active Spoken Word artist with the original collectives of FIRE and VIBIN’ and was able to share her literary art throughout Minnesota at various events and venues. Within the past decade, she took a break from performing to pursue her education, achieving her masters and currently spending her 9 to 5 providing support and clinical therapy work in the field of mental health. Spoken Word remains a love of hers, and helping others who are seeking to find their voice, has been a recent inspirational point for her to continue doing what she has always loved.