7 p.m.–8:30 p.m.
The Loft Presents If: Celebrating Octavia Butler

The Loft at Open Book
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As part of the Loft's fall theme 'If,' join us for a conversation between Autumn Brown and Chaun Webster celebrating one of the most influential speculative fiction writers of all time, Octavia Butler.

Autumn Brown is a visionary fiction and creative non-fiction author, whose work has been featured in Pleasure Activism, the Procyon Science Fiction Anthology, Octavia's Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements, and Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines. Autumn is the co-host of the podcast, How to Survive the End of the World, and she works to support revolutionary social justice movements as a worker-owner with AORTA, the Anti-Oppression Resource & Training Alliance. She lives in Minnesota.

Chaun Webster is a poet and graphic designer who draws from an interest in graffiti, collage, simultaneity, and the visuality of text. Webster utilizes these methods to investigate race--the instability of blackness and black subjectivities, geography, memory, and the body. These investigations engage the question of absence, archiving what is missing from the landscape as a number of communities watch neighborhoods, once populated with familiar presences, dissolve in the vernacular of redevelopment and its attendant colonial logic. Webster’s debut book, Gentry!fication: or the scene of the crime, was published by Noemi Press in 2018 and received the Minnesota Book Award for poetry.