7 p.m.–8 p.m.
Northernmost: Peter Geye Book Launch

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Peter Geye Northernmost

From the acclaimed author of Wintering, Peter Geye will share his new novel Northernmost: a thrilling ode to the spirit of adventure and the vagaries of loss and love.

This reading will be hosted by the Loft’s Founding Director of Wordplay, Steph Opitz, moderated by Curtis Sittenfeld, and is cosponsored by Magers and Quinn bookstore, and Alfred A. Knopf. During the reading, there will be a raffle for special prize packages including a private Zoom "afterparty" with Steph and Peter. All proceeds will go to the Loft's Writers of Color class.

Pre-order your copy from Magers & Quinn here: https://www.magersandquinn.com/product_info?products_id=176668309&isbn_…

In 1897, Odd Einar Eide returns home from a near-death experience in the Arctic only to discover his own funeral underway. His wife, Inger, stunned to see him alive, is slow to warm back up to him, having spent many sleepless nights convinced she had lost both him and their daughter, Thea, who traveled to America two years earlier but has yet to send even a single letter back to them in Hammerfest, their small Norwegian town at the top of the earth.

More than a century later, Greta Nansen has finally begun to admit to herself that her marriage is over. Desperately unhappy and unfulfilled, she makes the decision to follow her husband from their home in Minnesota to Oslo, where he has traveled for work, to end it once and for all. But on impulse, for reasons unknown even to her, she diverts her travels to Hammerfest: the town of her ancestors, the town where her great-great-grandmother Thea was born–and for some reason never returned to.

Braiding together two remarkable stories of love and survival, Northernmost wades into the darkest recesses of the human heart and celebrates the remarkable ability of humans to endure nearly unimaginable trials.

Peter Geye is the author of four novels, including Northernmost. He's the winner of the Minnesota Book Award and the Midwest Booksellers Choice Award. For the past ten years, he's been a regular teaching artist at The Loft Literary Center. His previous novels include Safe from the Sea, The Lighthouse Road, and Wintering. He's a lifelong Minneapolitan, and lives there now with his family.