7 p.m.–8:15 p.m.
Sense of Adventure: Monsters and Creatures with Matthew Kessen

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Sense of Adventure Creatures Monsters

As part of the Loft's Sense of Adventure theme, we'll have a theoretical conversation around the foes and obstacles in many adventure stories: monsters and mythical creatures.

Monsters have occupied various roles in literature throughout history. Monster expert Matthew Kessen, the writer and performer of "Reverend Matt's Monster Science," will begin this online session with a short talk and presentation on monster and creature tropes in literature, folklore, and mythology. And then we will allow the audience to pick from a list of creatures and ask Kessen, who would you rather fight? Who would you rather have haunting your home? Who would you rather have a beer with? Who would you rather ride like a pony?

The monsters and creatures the audience can choose for this activity are: Wyvern, Kappa, Bigfoot, Mokele-mbembe, Thunderbird, Gryphon, Girtablilu, Penanggalen, Bunyip, Wendigo, Unicorn, and Medusa.

Unable to attend the live event? As long as you pre-register, you can access the recording after it airs.