8 p.m.–9 p.m.
Spoken Word: Michelle Myers and Morgan Butler

The Loft at Open Book
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Member $5.00
Michelle Myers
Morgan Butler

In this special spoken word event, two nationally acclaimed spoken word artists share the stage for a powerful night of poetry and performance.

Michelle Myers claims a space for community sharing and building. Reflecting her belief that such space-sharing is transformative, Michelle lays bare her own emotions and experiences in her poetry and on stage in the hope of carrying the audience along with her.

For almost two decades, Michelle has made a positive impact through her poetry. Drawing from her own unique experiences, political ideology, and personal life philosophy as an Asian American woman, Michelle’s poems address issues which explore the intersections of race, culture, gender, community, and self. Through anger, pain, joy, celebration, sarcasm, and humor, Michelle strives to facilitate honest dialogue with her poetry and hopes to move herself and the audience forward to recognize the humanity of others and acknowledge commonality in the human desire for peace, healing, happiness, and love.

Employing multiple poetic forms and delivery styles—including hip hop-influenced rhyme, character depictions, theatrical monologue, song, and free verse—Michelle seeks to connect people, bridge cultures, and initiate a movement of positive and progressive change.

morgan butler [she/they] is an established creator, curator, and conjurer based in washington, dc. with practices based in art therapy, healing is the core foundation of all her work, most specifically through creative writing. a 2018 Loft Literary Center Spoken Word Immersion Fellow, 2x Harvard University Alumni of Color Conference Facilitator and TEDx Speaker, momo is known for their powerful spokenword poetry and curation of femme-centric events and workshops. humbly, momo is also in divine connection to ancestors, and receives their messages through intentional conjurework such as energy healing and tarot.