Let’s Get Visual: Gene Luen Yang and Minh Lé

Let’s Get Visual: Gene Luen Yang and Minh Lé

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Heroes All Around Us

Gene and Minh write stories about heroes, family, and sometimes even heroes who ARE our family! Write a superhero story of your own:

1. Think of someone who you admire as a hero. Maybe they're a close friend, a family member, a neighbor, a teacher... etc. 

2. What makes this person HEROIC? Brainstorm a list of their superpowers. (BONUS: Design your superhero's costume! How do its features and colors reflect your hero's powers?)

3. Think of a problem for your superhero to encounter. It could be a small or big problem, but it should be one that their superpowers are PERFECT to solve. How do they solve it?

4. Draw a comic starring your hero! Show a clear beginning, middle, and end. Your comic should introduce us to the hero (and the villain, if there is one!), present the problem, and conclude with its solution. (BONUS: Include yourself as a character in the comic! This is YOUR hero, after all!)