Loft Equilibrium (EQ)

Equilibrium, EQ for short, is the Loft's ground-breaking and wildly successful series devoted to spoken word artists and audiences of color. Acclaimed as one of the nation's top spoken word venues, EQ combines an intimate, engaging atmosphere with energetic, packed houses. EQ has created a space where national talent shares the stage with local emerging artists.

As community organizer and educator Fouzi Slisli states, "EQ engages communities of color across the board, not just one group—it creates a space where solidarity becomes natural." EQ was named the 2010 Minnesota Nonprofit Award Winner for Anti-Racism Initiative.

In addition to blockbuster spoken word shows, EQ has honored pioneers in the genre and artists of color in the Twin Cities, hosted book and CD release parties, offered workshops with Def Poetry Jam artists for at-risk youth and underrepresented communities, and collaborated with community artists on an innovative cross-generational spoken word mentorship program.

Running strong since 2002, Equilibrium still packs in the crowds, bringing together the biggest names and the brightest up-and-comers to be found within the national spoken word scene.

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