Poems on Demand with Bill Meissner

Poems on Demand with Bill Meissner 

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What: A personalized poem on demand written by poet Bill Meissner, author of The Mapmaker's Dream
When: Saturday, April 25, 12–2 p.m. CST
Where: Email correspondance: wjmeissner@stcloudstate.edu

Want a free personalized poem, typed on demand? Bill Meissner will spontaneously write a short, free verse, upbeat poem for anyone who requests one, and he’ll send it to you via email. You can suggest a subject for him or choose from one of his favorite topics: water/oceans/lakes, dreams, travel, writing/creating, or his favorite sport, baseball. Also, if you wish to have your poem read to you, include your cell phone number, and Bill will, if time permits, give you a quick call and do a reading of your poem.

Minnesota author Bill Meissner is the author of five books of poetry—most recently The Mapmaker’s Dream—and three books of fiction, including the novel Spirits in the Grass, which won the Midwest Book Award.  He has a collection of some 21 typewriters, and you can envision him wearing a fedora and clacking out your poem on his trusty 1948 Royal Quiet De-Luxe manual typewriter. You can find him on Facebook