Poetry Out Loud Teacher Resources

The curriculum for Poetry Out Loud has been designed to fit into a teacher’s busy schedule. The program usually takes place over the span of two to three weeks, according to each teacher’s interest and agenda, and it will not require full class periods during that time. Teachers may also work Poetry Out Loud into existing poetry units.

Poetry Out Loud can be implemented at the school level any time during the fall and through early winter. For specific dates and deadlines, please visit this page. (link to our timeline & prizes page)

Poetry Out Loud satisfies most of the NCTE English Language Arts Standards and aligns with Common Core Standards. In addition to memorizing and performing great poems, students will have the opportunity to discuss poetry and—if the teacher wishes to use the supplemental lesson plans—to write poetry of their own.

The NEA’s Poetry Out Loud website includes lesson plans, performance coaching videos, and many more resources for teachers here. You can download this year’s teacher’s guide below.

Teachers, prior to attending Minnesota’s 2018-19 Poetry Out Loud Semifinals and State Competition, please ask that your attending students complete a Loft photo/video release form. As the dates of the semifinal and state competition draw near, the Loft’s Poetry Out Loud program manager will email you information about how to report student poems in order of recitation to the Loft. Please use the link below to report that information to the Loft at the time it’s due.