Free publishing webinar for women writers

Susan Douglas
January 7, 2022

After a 33-year career in the publishing industry, Emily Barrosse launched Bold Story Press in 2020, a publishing house for women authors.

For too many years, women have faced many obstacles from the publishing industry to publish their writing, and Bold Story Press is working to change that.

Each month Emily offers a free publishing webinar for women writers who are interested in publishing their book and want to learn more.  We have recently published memoirs, fiction, children's books and non-fiction works.  You can read more about Bold Story Press here:

The webinar is 35 - 40 minutes of slides where Emily discusses what writers  who want to someday publish their  book should know about publishing. The webinar concludes with a Q&A session.

The webinar is polished, professional and free.  Women writers are welcome to join one of our monthly webinars and may sign up here: