Journaling F`acilitator Needed

Marti Maltby
June 5, 2023

Peace House Community is looking for a volunteer to head up a journaling group for our community members. PHC is a community center serving the Ventura Village neighborhood. Many of our community members face unstable housing or homelessness, economic insecurity, and social isolation each day.


Several of our members have asked for a journaling group that would give them a new way to express themselves and connect with others. PHC will provide the supplies for the group and the meeting space. The members and coordinator will set the meeting schedule, goals, and routine for the group. Many of our members want to record their daily experiences, their thoughts about contemporary society, or their desires for the future.


PHC's mission statement reads, "Peace House Community (PHC) nourishes its members’ bodies and souls by providing a safe space for economically marginalized women and men. PHC enriches the lives of its members, volunteers and students by offering a place to belong for everyone who comes through its doors."


Our vision is that "Community members who have been wounded by economic and social dislocation will be healed through caring relationships in a supportive community."


The following guiding principles enable PHC to create an atmosphere of cooperation and fairness:

  • Ensure all voices are given an opportunity to express themselves. 
  • Respect the diversity of opinions and experiences in the community.
  • Listen to other people with a mind that is open to wisdom from all sources.
  • Practice non-violence through self-restraint, encouraging words, compassionate actions and respectful listening.
  • Accept difficult situations with grace and serenity as we work towards conflict resolution. 


PHC provides a safe and welcoming space for our members to experience a supportive community. We provide a variety of activities to promote interpersonal connections and self-expression including facilitated group discussions, artwork, games, and more. Our volunteers get to know our community members individually, learn their stories, and make sure they feel like a valued part of the community. We are the neighborhood coffee shop for those who can't afford to go to coffee shops. Visit for more information.