Literary Bridges Reading (Feb 5)

Donna Isaac
January 3, 2023

Literary Bridges hosts Hamline University creative writers, Feb. 5th, 2:00-3:30, Next Chapter Booksellers, 38 Snelling Ave South, St, Paul, MN: Emma Harrington, Elena Laskowski, Austin Malberg, Arielle Newfield, Remi Sherman, Tara Westerlund, and Luqa Martins. Many of the students/alums worked on The Fulcrum Journal, created in 1995 to represent the balance between the literary and visual art communities at Hamline, showcasing the diverse voices of undergraduate students with their annual publication. (To order their '21-'22 issue, Pleasure Fruit, email Co-host Donna Isaac states, "We celebrate Hamline University for its fine creative writing programs, teachers, and publications; these writers are just a cross-section of the wonderful work that H.U. does right down the street from Next Chapter." (

Bios for Readers

Emma Harrington (she/her) is a recent graduate of Hamline University and lives in Minneapolis. Her poems have been published or are forthcoming in december mag, Emry's Online Journal, Black Fox Literary Magazine, and the Oakland Arts Review. While at Hamline, she served as the editor-in chief of Fulcrum Journal for two years. Emma currently works as a barista and a nanny. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and riding her bike.

Elena Laskowski is a student studying creative writing and English at Hamline University. She is also the literature editor for Hamline's journal, Fulcrum. She mainly writes poetry and fiction and recently published a story in the horror webzine Dark Recesses. In 2021, she and her father Geoff self-published a collection of her poems and his photographs titled Inheritance.

Austin Malberg is a current senior at Hamline University, studying creative writing and psychology. Her poems have previously been published in the Fulcrum Journal, and Hamline awarded her the 2020 George Henry Bridgeman Poetry Prize; the 2021 Evelyn Apitz Morris Award; and the Eliza A. Drew Prize for best short story. She loves to read, make arts and crafts, and mail letters to friends and family.

Arielle Newfield is an upcoming poet born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in St. Paul. Her poetry revolves around themes of connection and sensation using unique structure and narrative imagery. She is the Managing Editor of the Fulcrum Journal who published her poem "History Lesson" in their latest edition entitled Pleasure Fruit.

Remi Sherman, born and raised in southern Minnesota, has flocked to stories all her life. She graduated from Hamlinein 2022 with a B.A. in creative writing. An author/poet/romantic, Remi puts her love for human connection into her writing, often exploring the heaviness of mental health and self-discovery. She works in hospitality but hopes to become an editor while working on future novels or chapbooks.

Tara Westerlund, Hamline alumna, lives in St. Paul and studied English with a concentration in creative writing and legal studies. She is a youth worker and on-call shelter advocate at a local non-profit. She coaches lacrosse for St. Paul high school girls and for Homegrown Lacrosse. Tara enjoys bouldering, yoga, and Pilates and loves reading literary fiction, romance, and magical realism. She started writing poetry in grade school and takes pleasure in capturing, distilling, and crystallizing the beautiful, the terrifying, and the mundane.

Luqa Martins