Looking to rent a quiet writing space

Sharon Le Flore
July 2, 2021

My name is Sharon Le Flore--a former Loft Student.  At the lovely, matured age of 66, I am writing my 1st book--a collection of spiritual-living vignettes, and recollections from my vastly fascinating life, ranging from starting my own green cleaning company in partnership with the Coca-Cola Corporation, which represented Minnesota's initial diversity efforts over 20 years ago, to becoming a natural medicine practitioner after having studied various spiritual and healing traditions throughout the world--not to mention having grown up naturally living in cooperation with the earth's organic environment--which was alive and still thriving 50 years ago--particularly in the deep South, where my young, single mother handed me as an infant - over to her mother to raise--way back when--way back in down south Mississippi.  

So, I write this post, because I'm looking to rent a quiet, non-cluttered writing space, preferably an apartment, home, cabin, or the like, for a year, while I concentrate upon writing and self-publishing my 1st book.  An important book addressing both the flammability and the poetry of these incredible times we're all living through, shared by someone who's been there, in nearly every capacity.  

Again, my name is Sharon Le Flore.  I share a home in Woodbury, Minnesota.  My contact information is:  Email:  leflore101@yahoo.com.  Phone:  651-235-3527.

Thank you for your consideration.