Mendel by Damone Bester Now Out!

Damone Bester
September 19, 2022

Hello, I'm a Twin Cities author introducing my very first book (See press release below). If there are any book clubs or schools who would like the author present for discussions about the book, I am willing to do this free of charge. Just go to my website and shoot me an email. Also, up to 50% discount on any bulk book orders of 15 or more.


Mendel by Damone Bester (The Story Plant, paperback, 978-1-61188-326-8, April 26th, 2022) is a coming-of-age story about a senior at Chicago's legendary Mendel High who must learn how to forgive as he navigates life without his recently deceased mother. Things come to a head when the teen accidentally discovers that his mother’s dreams of becoming a collegiate track star were derailed due to getting pregnant with him. To honor his mother, he joins Mendel’s track team and excels, but before he can cash in on any scholarship offers, his father’s thuggish past catches up with them when a gun toting nemesis comes seeking revenge. The teen must decide between saving his own life or sacrificing it all to save his estranged father.

Two-Time NFL Superbowl Champion of the Denver Broncos, Howard Griffith, calls it “A fantastic read! This fictional story gives insight into what some young student-athletes dealt with on a regular basis growing up on the South Side of Chicago.”

Professor and Chair at Illinois State University, Dr. Christopher C. De Santis explains that “Damone Bester’s first book provides a compelling glimpse into a boy’s initiation through experiences of racism, gang violence, and disappointment to an understanding of redemption, sacrifice, honor, character, love, and the strong bonds of family.”

Damone Bester was born and raised on Chicago’s Southside to blue-collar parents who were married 49 years, and one older brother, whose backyard scuffles taught Damone one lesson: “Never quit.” He wasn’t just a student at Mendel; he lived and breathed “Blue Smoke,” the mantra of his track team brethren. Damone is an author, poet, aspiring screenwriter, and voiceover artist. He has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Illinois State University and has spent most of his profession in the Social Services sector. He currently lives in the Twin Cities area and enjoys fishing, bowling, basketball (watching, not playing), bean bags, and bragging about his nephew and nieces.