Poetry Contest- Garden of Whispering Willows & Flowing Waters by the MN China Friendship Garden Society

Diane Jarvenpa
July 18, 2022

Eight poets will receive a $100 award and tour of MIA's Asian Art by poet/chair Liu Yang. Poets will be awarded in two categories; age 18 and over and age 18 and under. Poet's can submit one poem in one of 4 languages: Dakota, Hmong, Chinese, English. Limit: 1 page, 1 entry. Author's name on email entry only, not on poem. Asking for poetry on the themes of Friendship and Resilience.

Send entry and questions to: romislowiak@gmail.com

Entries due by September 6th, 2022

Awards announced and poems read by winners: September 10th at the Moon Festival- Noon (12pm).

Location: The Xiang Jiang Pavilion, Phalen Regional Park, St Paul