Proof reader and editor needed

Eric Greenberg
June 9, 2022

Hello, I’m writing in the hopes of receiving help finding a reliable as well as affordable editor/proof reader for my memoir, working title, ‘Waves Upon the Sand’. ‘Waves Upon the Sand’ both one and two are chronological biography's of my life and adventures from the time of my birth up until my twenty first year in 1974. The story is told through the eyes first as a child, then as a youth growing though to maturity. The two volumes are comprised of around eighty thousand words each and composed of hundreds of great stories that dovetail with each other throughout my life growing up in Woodstock, NY, a year beyond, and then back again. If you have an affinity to this cultural period in history, and believe that you have the skills necessary to bring a manuscript up to the commercial level, please respond to Thank you, Eric