Seeking to pay memoirist for consultation/questions

Emily Saunders
January 17, 2019

My name is Emily and I am working on a memoir about having both autism and alcoholism.  I have an 11 page (so far) document with various related writing questions.  I would like to hire someone with memoir-writing experience, (preferably someone who has been published) to answer these questions.  There would be the one document (of questions), and then possibly a (limited) second exchange of follow-up questions if I had any.  I cannot afford a writing coach at this time.  I simply feel I cannot move much further forward without some guidance.  Some of the questions are about using pseudonyms, whether to include hospital records, ghostwriters, chronology, and how to find an interested literary entity.  My current master document is 187 pages so I am getting a bit overwhelmed.  I don't know what the rates would be for something like this, so I don't have a number set in stone.  Maybe 40-50?  I am open to suggestions.  Many thanks for any replies.