Still Searching for Author for Compelling Story of African Woman

Bruce Blair
June 27, 2023

Good Day:  I posted this request before but received no replies, so am trying again.  Try, try again, right?

I travel often to Sierra Leone (West Africa) for volunteer work and have come to know a woman there with an incredible, often tragic, life story. Raised by a wicked auntie, escaping rebels, threatened with murder if she didn't give false testimony at a High Court, homeless on the streets of Freetown, courageous, determined, a survivor. My passion is to find an author to bring her story alive and to the world. I have over 80 typed pages of transcripts of her story and her story telling continues.

I am looking for an author with the passion and talent to professionally write her story. My expectations are realistic regarding success with this challenge.  I am open, with the right author, to discuss how to move forward and make it work for everyone.  I am not asking for something for nothing.  Is the right person out there somewhere?  Thank you. Bruce Blair.