Writers Needed!

Derek Rucker
May 19, 2023


StoryForge is a Minnesota-based public benefit startup creating a web-based platform for writers that will break down the firewall between authors and their audience. The idea is to completely upend the current system, and democratize the publishing industry. 

It's a big lift, but we have made some great progress so far, and are currently Next Media Challenge finalists, as well as Beta and Lunar Accelerator members.

What we need now are writers, especially writers from underrepresented demographics, to hear our plans and give honest feedback. We have a 2-hour in-person creative brainstorming event planned at Open Book on June 13th from 4-6pm (with free food, of course)... and we need authors to attend.

Specific topics for discussion: What are your most challenging pain points as an author? What web-based writing platform features would be most compelling to you? What sort of short-format creative writing games would you enjoy most?

Here are the details:

  • When: Tuesday, June 13 @ 4:00p - 6:00p CT
  • Registration: This page will give you all the details. When you register, you’ll get a confirmation email.
  • In-person: The event will be at Open Book in Minneapolis.

We have some wonderful plans... but we can't do it without writers. And we'd sure appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance!

 - Derek Rucker, CTO of StoryForge